Companies Using This Specification

Below is a list of the companies that have products with the Environmental Choice licence in this category of soaps, liquid soaps, shampoos, lotions and personal hygiene products.

Product Name

Care4 Liquid Hand Soap / Flowing Soap
Paramount Care Liquid Hand Soap

Kemsol Green Shampoo
Kemsol Green Vibe Hand Soap

Green Rhino Enviro Vanilla Liquid Hand Soap
Green Rhino Foam Soap
Green Rhino Kitchen Soap
Green Rhino Kitchen Foam Soap
Green Rhino Liquid Hand Soap

- Geller Green Hair & Body
- Geller Green Liquid Hand Soap Pink

- Rapid Clean Green Gentle

GreenR Liquid Soap
Mode luxury body wash
Mode luxury lotion soap
Mode enriched lotion soap
Mode moisturising body wash

- ecoHand Soap (250ml, 5L and 20L)

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