Licence No:

6015166 (previously 1315166)

+84 90 997 3916

NTPM (Vietnam) Co., Ltd is a 100% foreign Investment Company established in 2012. It is a subsidiary of the NTPM group, with the Mother Company being NTPM Holdings Berhad, Malaysia. NTPM Group has over 40 years of experience in paper business and has expanded to other countries such as Singapore, Thailand and now Vietnam. NTPM group produces hygiene products and specializes in tissue paper and personal care products. Some of NTPM (Vietnam) Co., Ltd ‘s common brands include Cutie, Premier, Vinaroll and Vinatissue.

Below is a list of NTPM (Vietnam) Co., Ltd products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

EC-60-21 Paper Products

(Licence No. 6015166)

OfficeMax Facial Tissue 100s
OfficeMax Facial Tissue 224s
OfficeMax Jumbo Roll Tissue 650m
OfficeMax Toilet Tissue 400s
PureElite Kitchen Towel Twin Pack
OfficeMax Kitchen Towel Twin Pack
PureValue Toilet Tissue 400s
PureXcel Toilet Tissue 400s
OfficeMax Jumbo Roll Tissue 320m
PureXcel Jumbo Roll Tissue 300m
PureValue Jumbo Roll Tissue 300m
OfficeMax Jumbo Roll Tissue 300m

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