Licence No:

6009045 (previously 1309045)

NTPM is a consumer goods and paper manufacturer. Over the years, NTPM has emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of tissue paper in Malaysia. It is producing more than 100 types of tissue paper jumbo rolls and has a capacity of producing 250 ton tissue paper jumbo rolls per day.

Besides producing tissue paper jumbo rolls, NTPM converts the tissue paper jumbo rolls into various types of sanitary paper products; such as bathroom tissue, facial tissue, kitchen towels, pocket tissue, table napkins and serviettes. With its vast capacity and wide product range, NTPM is exporting its sanitary paper products and/or jumbo rolls to Australia, China, Hong Kong, Mauritius, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, etc. Its product distributors in New Zealand are Premier Hygiene & Packaging Limited and The Warehouse Limited.

NTPM is compliant to the environmental standards and is conscious in reducing adverse environmental impacts through its production processes. As such, NTPM products are produced exclusively from renewable and recyclable raw materials.

Being an ISO 14001, 9001 and HACCP (food safety program - for the table napkins category) compliant company, it is the company's mission to offer products which inspire the confidence and desirability of our valued customers.

Below is a list of Nibong Tebal Paper Mill Sdn. Bhd. (NTPM) products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

EC-60-21 Paper Products

(Licence No. 6009045 - previously 1309045)

PUREeco Jumbo Rolls
• PUREeco Jumbo Roll Tissue 300M
• PUREeco Jumbo Roll Tissue 500m
• PUREeco Mini Jumbo Roll 120m 2 Ply
• PUREeco Industrial Roll 600m

PUREeco Toilet Tissue
• PUREeco Toilet Tissue 850s
• PUREeco Interleave Toilet Tissue 240s
• PUREeco Toilet Tissue 1000s
• PUREeco Toilet Tissue 400s 4'R X 12 Packs
• PUREeco Toilet Tissue 400s with Wrapper
• PUREeco Toilet Tissue 400s Naked

PUREeco Paper Towels
• PUREeco Slimline Paper Towel 20 Packs
• PUREeco AutoCut Towel 180M
• PUREeco Interfold Blue Slim Towel 250S 160PK
• PUREeco Slimline Paper Towel 40 Packs
• PUREeco C-Fold Hand Towel 180s

PUREeco Kitchen Towels
• PUREeco Kitchen Towel 75s Single Roll

PUREeco Facial Tissue
• PUREeco Facial Tissue 100s

PUREvalue Towels
• PUREvalue Centre Feed Blue Towel 300m 1ply
• PUREvalue Centre Feed Towel 180m 2ply
• PUREvalue Midifold Hand Towel 250s
• PUREvalue Centre Feed Towel 300m 1ply
• PUREvalue Slimline Paper Towel 200's.

PURE Facial Tissue
• PURE Facial Tissue 100s
• PURE Facial Tissue 200s

• PUREexcel Ultra Slimline Towel 150s
• PUREexcel Jumbo Roll 500m
• PUREexcel Interleaved Toilet Tissue 240s

• PUREelite Kitchen Towel Twin Roll 60s
• PUREelite Quilted Towel 250s

• Envirosoft Toilet Tissue 4 Rolls
• Envirosoft Toilet Tissue 400s Individually Wrapped
• Envirosoft Jumbo Roll Tissue 300M
• Envirosoft Jumbo Roll Tissue 500M

• OfficeMax Slimline Paper Towel 200's
• Officemax Eco Facial Tissue 100s
• Officemax Eco Slimline Paper Towel 200s
• Officemax Eco Toilet Tissue 400s Individually Wrapped
• Officemax Eco Jumbo Roll Tissue 300M
• Officemax Facial Tissue 224s
• Officemax Facial Tissue 100s

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