Licence No:

6002011 (previously 1302011)

Essity Australasia is a leading personal care and hygiene company that manufactures, markets, distributes and sells essential everyday consumer products across the feminine hygiene, incontinence hygiene, baby hygiene, consumer tissues and professional hygiene product categories. Our portfolio of market-leading brands – Sorbent, Handee, Purex, Libra, Treasures, TENA, Tork, Deeko, Viti and Orchid – are used in households and business across Australasia every day. 

At Essity Australasia, our purpose is to make it easier for hygiene, health and wellbeing to be part of everyday life. We strive to offer environmentally sound products and services, capable of continuously meeting customer and consumer needs with respect to functionality, economy, safety and environmental impact. We place strong emphasis on the renewability and recyclability of the raw materials as well as the sustainability of the energy sources we use in the manufacture of our products.

Our Kawarau site in New Zealand positions Essity Australasia as a leader in sustainable tissue manufacturing.  In 2010 our site shifted towards a more sustainable energy balance and switched much of our natural gas usage over to locally produced geothermal steam as part of our ongoing partnership with Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets (NTGA). Direct heat supply from steam (i.e. not converted to electricity) is the most efficient use of the resource. Since then, our total annual CO2 emissions have reduced by 46 per cent.  With around 75 per cent of NZ's electricity generated from renewable sources and 60 per cent of that from hydro generation we believe we must be one of the lowest carbon mills of this kind in the world.

Essity Australasia's Eco Choice accredited products are made from 100% responsible fibre sources and are FSC® certified.

Below is a list of Essity Australasia products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

EC-60-21 Paper Products

(Licence No. 6002011 - previously 1302011)

Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, 12Sx4
Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, 4Sx12
Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, Mega, 4Sx6
Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, Unscented, 24Sx1
Purex, Toilet, 2P, Decor, Mega, 6Sx4
Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, Mega, 12Sx2
Purex, Toilet, 2P, Summer, Mega 6Sx4
Purex, Toilet, White, Mega, 7S+Rollyx3

Sorbent, Toilet, Long, Hypo, 12Sx2
Sorbent, Toilet, Long, White, 4Sx10
Sorbent, Toilet, Long, White, 8Sx5
Sorbent, Toilet, Long, Hypo, 8Sx5
Sorbent, Toilet, Long, Hypo, 16S
Sorbent, Toilet, Long, Hypo, 32S
Sorbent, Toilet, T&L Hypo, 8Sx5
Sorbent, Toilet, T&L Silky White, 8Sx5

Handee Towel, White, 2Sx6
Handee Towel, White, 4Sx6
Handee Towel, White, 6Sx4
Handee Towel, Max 3P, White, 2Sx6
Handee Towel, Print, Double Length 2Sx6
Handee Towel, White, Double Length, 2Sx6
Handee Towel, White, Double Length, 3Sx6

Tork Ultra Long Towel, Tall, 2Sx6
Tork Ultra Long Towel, Short, 2Sx4
Tork Jumbo Toilet 270m 2P, 1x6 Prem T1
Tork Toilet Roll 400s, 2P, 4x9 Adv T4
Tork Toilet Roll 1000sh, 1P, 4x12 Uni T4
Tork Toilet Roll 400s, 2P, 16x3, Adv T4
Tork Toilet Roll 700s, 2P, 8x5, Adv T4
Tork Toilet Roll 400s, 2P, 1x48 Adv T4
Tork M/Jumbo Toilet, 2P 170m, 1x12 Prem T2
Tork Toilet Roll, 850sh, 1P, 1x48 Uni T4
Tork Toilet Roll 280sh, 2P, 1x48 Prem T4
Tork Jumbo Toilet 650m, 1P, 1x6 Uni T1
Tork Jumbo Toilet 320m, 2P, 1x6, Adv T1
Tork M/Jumbo Toilet, 400m, 1P, 1x12 Uni, T2
Tork M/Jumbo Toilet, 200m, 2P, 1x12 Adv T2
Tork Jumbo Toilet, 320m, 2P, 1x9 Adv T1
Tork Basic Paper C/Feed 1P, 300mx6 M2
Tork Basic Paper C/Feed BLU 1P, 300m x6 M2
Tork Xpress LL M/fld Hnd Twl 209s Adv H2
Tork Toilet Roll 400s, 2P, 1x40 Prem T4
Tork Toilet Roll 700s, 2P, 1x40 Adv T4
Tork Toilet Roll 220s 2P, 12x4 Adv T4

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