Licence No:

5822185 & 2922186

21A Grosvenor Street, Dunedin

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We are the hygiene solution specialists, dedicated to creating a world where people can enjoy their environments with peace of mind knowing they are safe, clean and healthy.

Protecting people drives everything we do. Over the last four decades we have serviced the industrial market, working with world leading Chemists, pushing creative boundaries with new technology to advance our functional capabilities, seeking input from our end users, and refining our range to create the world’s best Hygiene solutions. Never satisfied with better, always striving for best.

Our brands and Products are trusted—they have been passed down from generation to generation. Over the course of more than 60 years, they’ve challenged convention, led innovation, and helped shape culture.

But no matter how much we grow, we always keep ourselves grounded in our deep-rooted purpose, values and principles.

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Below is a list of Integra Industries Limited products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

- Geller Green Toilet Bowl Cleaner
- Geller Green All Purpose Cleaner - Spray & Wipe
- Geller Green Neutral Floor Cleaner
- Geller Green Glass Cleaner
- Geller Green Heavy Duty Multipurpose Cleaner/Degreaser
- Geller Green Bathroom & Shower Cleaner
- Geller Green Citrus Cleaner
- Geller Green Dishwash Liquid
- Geller Green Auto Dishwash Liquid
- Geller Green Rinse Aid

- Rapid Clean Green Hi -Genic - All Over Washroom Cleaner
- Rapid Clean Green Spray N Wipe - Multipurpose Cleaner
- Rapid Clean Green Neutrol - Neutral Floor and Surface Cleaner
- Rapid Clean Green Reflection - Glass Cleaner
- Rapid Clean Green Kleen All - Kitchen Degreasing/Cleaning
- Rapid Clean Green Blast Kleen
- Rapid Clean Green Ultra Suds
- Rapid Clean Green ProWash
- Rapid Clean Green ProRinse

EC-29-20 Personal Care

(Licence No. 2922186)

- Geller Green Hair & Body
- Geller Green Liquid Hand Soap Pink

- Rapid Clean Green Gentle

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