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Pacific Steel is New Zealand's only manufacturer of Wire Rod, Reinforcing Bar and Coil products with a production rate of around 250,000 tonnes per year of manufactured steel. Based in Otahuhu Auckland, Pacific Steel has been manufacturing high quality reinforcing steel rod and bar products for over 50 years. 

Over the course of our history the preservation of our local communities environment has been integrated into every step of our production process. Pacific Steel's environmental management process is therefore regarded as one of the most important aspects of our business as we work to ensure the preservation of our communities environment for generations to come.

Below is a list of Pacific Steel products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

SEISMIC® Grade 300E Bar
SEISMIC® Grade 500E Bar
Grade 500N Bar
SEISMIC® Grade 300E Coil
SEISMIC® Grade 500E Coil
Grade 500N Coil
ReidBar™ Grade 500E Bar
WIREMARK® Fencing Coils
Pacific Steel Manufactured Wire
Pacific Steel BCW Wire
Pacific Steel Drawn Reinforcing
Grade 500L Coil

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