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30 Sunshine Ave, Te Rapa, Hamilton

021 241 3987

saveBOARD is focused on building a circular economy by turning everyday packaging waste into low carbon NZ made sustainable building products.

We manufacture healthy, affordable, high performance building materials from our Hamilton factory that makes a circular economy an everyday reality. We upcycle packaging waste from around NZ through the implementation of proven, scalable technologies that turn locally collected waste into locally distributed, recyclable building products.

Below is a list of saveBOARD products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

• saveBOARD Multi-Use Panel
• saveBOARD Ceiling Tiles
• saveBOARD roofBOARD
• saveBOARD betterBRACE Rigid Air Barrier
• saveBOARD Exposed Internal Lining
• saveBOARD Paperfaced Internal Lining

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