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TemperTherm is a range of locally manufactured 100% Polyester, and imported Glasswool insulation.

The TemperTherm brand offers a wide selection of wall, ceiling, mid-floor, and suspended floor thermal and acoustic insulation.

TemperTherm products are BRANZ Appraised ensuring quality and fitness for purpose, and are available ex-stock from PIL Group Distribution Centres in Ngaruawahia (Northern Waikato), and Rolleston (Canterbury). 

For pricing and supply enquiries please email us at:

Below is a list of TemperTherm products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

EC-25-17 Building Insulants

(Licence No. 2517147)

Polyester products
• R2.2, R2.5, R2.8 Wall Sections
• R2.9, R3.3, R3.6, R4.0 Ceiling Blanket
• R1.8 underfloor blanket

Glass wool products:
• Wall: R2.6 (90mm), R2.8 (90mm)
• Skillion products: R3.2 (115mm), R3.6 (140mm), R4.0 (140mm)
• Ceiling blanket: R3.6 (155mm), R4.0 (175mm), R5.0 (210mm)
• R7.3 Ceiling segment

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