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Mammoth Modern Insulation is manufactured in New Zealand by InZone Industries Ltd, a vertically integrated business offering a supply and install service for insulation and other energy efficiency solutions to the residential, commercial and retrofit markets.

All Mammoth products are 100% polyester, free from formaldehyde-based binders, insecticides or any other added chemicals and are made using fibres from recycled plastic bottles.

All products listed below are made in New Zealand and are BRANZ tested – they are safe and easy to use and are backed by a 50 year manufacturer's warranty.


Below is a list of InZone Industries Limited products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

EC-25-17 Building Insulants

(Licence No. 2510069)

- Mammoth R1.9 90mm Underfloor Section
- Mammoth R2.8 140mm Underfloor Section (multi)
- Mammoth R1.3 45mm Masonry Wall Section
- Mammoth R2.2 90mm Wall Blanket
- Mammoth R2.6 140mm Wall Blanket
- Mammoth R1.9 90mm Wall Section
- Mammoth R2.0 90mm Wall Section
- Mammoth R2.2 90mm Wall Section
- Mammoth R2.5 90mm Wall Section
- Mammoth R2.8 140mm Wall Section
- Mammoth R3.2 140mm Wall Section
- Mammoth R1.8 115mm Ceiling Blanket
- Mammoth R2.9 185mm Ceiling Blanket
- Mammoth R3.2 200mm Ceiling Blanket
- Mammoth R3.3 210mm Ceiling Blanket
- Mammoth R3.6 225mm Ceiling Blanket
- Mammoth R4.0 240mm Ceiling Blanket
- Mammoth R1.5 100mm Underfloor Blanket
- Mammoth R1.8 115mm Underfloor Blanket
- Mammoth Acoustic Blanket 580
- Mammoth Acoustic Blanket 750
- Mammoth Acoustic Blanket 900
- Mammoth Acoustic Blanket 1100
- Mammoth Acoustic Blanket 1150

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