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The IdealCup™ has been designed to reduce waste caused by single use cups and lids, can be reused over and over again for a lifetime.  At the end of its useful life, it can be recycled in most councils curbside recycling and better yet, any IdealCups can be returned to our manufacturer in Wellington, who will grind them down and make them in to new product.  That's our commitment to a NZ made, circular economy and product stewardship.

As part of our Eco Choice certification, all our cups are now made with up to 50% recycled material.  The IdealCup™ is a truly environmentally friendly alternative to nasty disposable takeaway cups.

Our Vision

Through our own actions, with genuine passioncommitment and transparency, we leadinspire and encourage others to consciously choose REUSE NOT ONE USE. We eat, sleep and breathe a culture of reuse and we lead the change for a better world.

Our Mission

To embed a culture of reuse and eliminate as many single use cups to landfill as possible. We do this by providing consumers with a 'best in class', cost effective, accessible to all, uniqueNew Zealand madesustainable alternative to single-use.

 Also conceived by Steph & Nick Fry, the proud Kiwis behind IdealCup™, The CupCycling™ Programme is Aotearoa's very first 'reusable cup swap system' which uses their New Zealand-made IdealCups - CupCycling™ is about engaging with PEOPLE and COMMUNITIES to have a real discussion about a culture shift to circular economy ‘share’ models. It’s about getting ALL OF US working TOGETHER to make a COMMITMENT to move away from the nasty single use addiction we have created.

Below is a list of IdealCup™ products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

IdealCup (12 oz and 16 oz)

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