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Matta Products Ltd is a New Zealand company that designs, manufactures and markets to the world the Play Matta range of playground safety surfacing. Play Matta represents the new generation of high performing safety surfacing designed to enhance the creative and inviting playgrounds of today.

Departing from all existing playground surfacing solutions, Matta Products pioneered a new manufacturing process and began producing the Play Matta range in 1992 at its plant on Otaki. With strong roots in recycling Matta Products has perfected the technique of turning waste rubber and PVC into a two-layered playground surfacing system consisting of impact absorbing rubber shock pads overlaid by durable and attractive PVC modular tiles.

Matta Products is ISO 9001 accredited and has a comprehensive quality control program covering all aspects of it operations, from raw materials sourcing, through manufacturing, to final installation. This rigorous quality assurance enables a playground surface to be certified as having met all applicable safety standards immediately after completion.

Matta Products has succeeded in its mission to answer the markets need for functionality as well as aesthetics; unsurpassed durability and ease of maintenance; full compliance with all playground surfacing safety codes; and environmental responsibility.

Below is a list of Matta Products Ltd products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

- Play Matta Original

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