A social enterprise initiative focused on helping people with disabilities


Will & Able

Value Proposition

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Will & Able’s value proposition is eco cleaning products, grounded firmly in the concept of a circular economy. As well as environmentally friendly cleaning products, Will & Able produces 100% recycled packaging for its eco cleaning product range derived from New Zealand milk bottles. Two years ago, the Will & Able crew started working towards the Eco Choice NZ label to further strengthen their environmental integrity.

The Benefits

Craig Burston, General Manager, said “The Eco Choice label is well-recognised and gives us immediate environmental credibility. It has a strong link to our core values around caring for people, while caring for the environment.”

The Eco Choice NZ label helped Will & Able develop a broader view of their production process and inspired them to go further to minimise their environmental impact. “We learned a lot about optimising the amount of packaging for our products, and how the end-to-end production process can be environmentally beneficial. We thought a lot about becoming more sustainable, and as result developed our returns and refill programme, which is a key differentiator in the market,” Craig said.

About Will & Able

Will & Able is a social enterprise initiative focused on helping people with disabilities find meaningful work and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Will & Able received the Eco Choice NZ label in May 2020, having started the process in February 2020, aligning with the launch of its new-look label.

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