Tonkin & Taylor Hamilton wanted to integrate some existing sustainability practices into its office environment.


Tonkin & Taylor Hamilton

  • (EC-54-13) Office activities

The Challenge

Formalise Processes

Recognising its long term interests in finding sustainable solutions and incorporating sustainability principles in other parts of the business, Tonkin & Taylor Hamilton wanted to take things further by integrating sustainability practices into its office environment.

Tonkin & Taylor’s Hamilton Environmental Champion, Joanne Ferry, says the business was already engaging in sustainable practices but wanted to take the next step of formalising their activities.

“We were seeking external validation that we were doing the best we can for the environment. The Board of Tonkin & Taylor and our local management team gave us their full support.”

The Solution


“We looked at areas such as our energy consumption, waste generated, company vehicle policies and staff commuting behaviours. We also changed our procurement policies for purchasing products, including cleaning products, and now have a formal process in place to collect data to better understand our environmental impact.”

“We were able to involve staff in the preparation of the application which resulted in staff sharing innovative ideas. They began to consider their choices at home, their purchasing choices and whether their daily commute impacted the environment. The process was equally about self-awareness as well as informed decision-making.”

Casey Giberson, Tonkin & Taylor’s Hamilton Operations Manager, says: “I am excited by the enthusiasm that the Hamilton Team has shown towards gaining the Eco Choice licence. I am confident that this achievement and our ongoing commitment to being a sustainable business will set us apart in the market place.”


The Benefits

Becoming a green office can both benefit the bottom line and also result in increased staff motivation and opportunities for team building.

Once your business receives the Eco Choice certification for the Office Activities category, communicate it to staff and integrate the logo into your company’s distribution and promotion system.

Here’s how:

  • Send an email to staff to celebrate the new license.
  • Include an article in the business e-newsletter and let staff know how they can participate.
  • Ensure the Eco Choice certificate is proudly displayed at the reception desk.
  • Engage a marketing team to carry out the integration of the Eco Choice logo.
  • Where applicable, integrate the logo into your business communications: on products, packaging, in print and web/social media information and advertising.
  • Use the logo at expos, tradeshows or promotional events.

About Tonkin & Taylor Hamilton

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Tonkin & Taylor is an employee owned, New Zealand environmental and engineering consultancy that provides innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions for a diverse range of clients.

T&T has a strong reputation for technical excellence in the following discipline areas: civil, environmental, geotechnical and water resources. They have offices located throughout New Zealand, Australia Malaysia and the Philippines.

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