Eco Choice accreditation brings a range of benefits for Licensee organisations as well as their customers, consumers and the Community.

Benefits to you as the service or product provider

  • a point of differentiation between you and your competitors
  • confidence that your products have less negative impact on the environment across their entire life cycle
  • customer recognition that you are acting responsibly in preparing your product or service and delivering it to them
  • greater employee engagement arising from the strong positive environmental and sustainability stance you have taken
  • recruitment and retention benefits because of that good environmental reputation
  • community recognition that you are an environmentally aware and responsible organisation
  • kudos arising from your adherence to environmental regulations
  • economic benefits arising from more efficient processes and thoughtful sustainability initiatives
  • keeping up with environmental regulatory change – all specifications are reviewed five-yearly and updated if necessary.


Benefits to your customers

  • increased sell-through with end-consumers looking for sustainability credentials on products
  • increased buyer loyalty with eco-conscious end-consumers
  • transferred credibility arising from the fact that your customers benefit from the reflected glory of your environmental strengths
  • meeting environmental or sustainability pre-requisites for many business-to-business tendering processes
  • pride in your customers’ employees as a result of their purchase.


Benefits to the Community

  • reduced environmental impacts from improved processes
  • reduced environmental impacts from reduced waste and increased recycling
  • increased awareness of environmentally responsible activities
  • reduction of effort and cost required by consumers to get sustainability information – the label tells the story
  • a reputable, Government-backed environmental benchmark to give proof to environmental claims and help assess other environmental credentialing against.

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