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About Eco Choice Aotearoa

Eco Choice Aotearoa is New Zealand's official ecolabel. More than listing sustainable products for green homes or businesses, Eco Choice's Type I ecolabel offers strong, independent proof of environmental best practice for those products and services that bear the mark.

Ecolabels deliver positive measurable environmental impact.

Type I ecolabels, like Eco Choice Aotearoa, work by enabling companies to compete on demonstrable environmental standards that are specific to issues within their industry.

Simply put, customers recognise and reward companies who want to prove the manufacturing and lifecycle of their product does less environmental harm.

Eco Choice commenced in 1992. The organisation operates fully independently from Government and industry while the ecolabel is Government owned and endorsed.


New Zealand should aspire to be world leading and set the bar for environmental standards.

The Eco Choice Aotearoa ecolabel identifies products and services that are sustainably preferable, making it easier for businesses, Government and consumers to make better purchasing decisions in order to do less environmental harm.

Enabling competition within industries to leverage environmental value is the fastest way to get New Zealand Incorporated to minimise environmental harm.


Suppporting New Zealand businesses, Government, and consumers to transition to a sustainable and low-emissions economy by introducing competition for environmental leadership within industries.


As the country's most trusted and recognised ecolabel, we enable significant reduction of environmental harm for New Zealand, enhancing the value of New Zealand and its businesses.


Trusted, independent, robust, transparent and verifiable.

A member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), the Eco Choice Aotearoa label is New Zealand’s only Type I ecolabel.

Key characteristics of a Type I ecolabel:

  • Rigorous, multi-criteria assessment of environmental harm across the whole life-cycle of a product or service
  • Independent, third party verification
  • Ongoing compliance
  • Criteria are written locally to address local environmental issues
  • Criteria are updated regularly to encourage continuous improvement.


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